“The amount of times that you’re in base defense now with all the three-receiver sets and everyone throwing the ball, if you look at the numbers, it’s not that often,” Gruden said. “But you still need to have a big nose guard in there that can stop the run, and [Golston] can do that. He’s proven to do that. He’s a 12- to 15-play-a-game kind of guy. And when you’re in base defense, really you’re looking at about 20 percent of the time nowadays is all you are. So Kedric can do that. I think Chris Baker can play nose. He’s proven he can do that. I think Ricky [Jean Francois] can pop down in there and do some nose guard. We don’t really have a true two-gap nose guard like back in the old 3-4 systems. Kedric is the closest thing to it. And he can do it, but I think those other guys can fill in there and play and shoot a gap and play it effectively.”

Gruden later added, “We are kind of moving away from that, but there are times in the game where you do need to have a stout big fella, especially in short yardage, teams are running the ball [to] save the game and four-minute drill and all that stuff. But I think Kedric right now is a good answer and those other guys filling in will be fine.”